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Where I am from in Germany, many of our homes are several hundred years old.  They have character and history - and a lot of problems when it comes to our modern lifestyles!  In Germany, when a home presents the occupants with a challenge we try to work out a solution that maintains the integrity of the home and preserves the sanity of its occupants.

Your home should work for you and sometimes that means that you need a carpentry solution that is unique to you and your family.

From front entrance closets with a locker for each member of the family, to large custom benches with integrated storage drawers, to a solarium for horses... you can be the master of your home with a bit of inspiration and some custom carpentry.

Put my twenty five years of experience and German training to work for you when you have a carpentry project that needs to get done efficiently and with quality workmanship.

As a homeowner (and a husband!), I understand that the work of maintaining  and improving a home is never done.  However, that work can be rewarding if it reduces stress, promotes a healthier lifestyle or just makes you more satisfied with your home.


I enjoy working with you and your team of landscape designers and landscapers to create an attractive, comfortable and functional living space outdoors.

I spend as much time as possible in the great outdoors and I believe we can all benefit from having an outdoor space that is welcoming and beautiful.

Whether you go outside to relax or to be inspired, for serenity or to spend time with family and friends, to enjoy the shelter of a well built landscape or to get in touch with nature you will benefit from getting out there.

Your yard is a transition from your home to the greater world around you.  I like to create wood elements that help you to feel the comfort of home while at the same time drawing you into the great outdoors.  Once you're out there you can't help but love it! 


Landscape Carpentry

Custom Interior Carpentry

Repairs, Renos...

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